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Subscription to flowers

Flower subscription is a constant delivery of flowers home / office / to your family. This is convenient, because we will remember all the important dates for you. These are fresh flowers ordered for you.

With this service, when you first order, we will give you a secateurs. You can also use our additional service and choose a vase in the catalog. Each time we will discuss the composition with you, based on your preferences or the interior of your home. All subscriptions include 4 deliveries. You can also choose the size you want - S (890 UAH / delivery) or M (1290 UAH / delivery). The minimum subscription period is 1 month. You can suspend your subscription at any time, for example, if you are going on holiday.


MonoArrangement of one type of flowers
BouquetDelivery of a combined bouquet.
"Collect yourself"
We provide a set of flowers and instructions with which you can create your perfect bouquet!
"Important date"Size and quantity to choose from. You announce a list of important dates, and we remind you about them a few days before the event.


   1 month (4 deliveries)  3 months (12 deliveries) - 10%6 months (24 deliveries) - 20%


3560 uah9610 uah17090 uah
M5160 uah13930 uah24770 uah

Subscription to flowers