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Floristic course

Hi!  We are Amber flower studio. And we will teach you to collect bouquets and decorate flower arrangements in our style.

We have been working as a store for over 2 years. Our senior florists in this field for more than 7 years. We understand that we want to share our experience and are ready to teach you!

Studying our course will give you significant knowledge in this area and change your view of modern floristics.

For who our course is :

- For those who want to connect their lives with floristics and are looking for a place to start

- For beginners who want to gain more experience

- For business owners who want their employees to create cool and modern compositions.

In our course you will learn:

- Collect bouquets. Learn the spiral technique of assembling a bouquet. You can also work with different forms of bouquets and make beautiful and stylish packaging.

- Create flower arrangements. You will understand how to compose cool compositions in an oasis.

- You will work with premium varieties of flowers. From a variety of peony roses to the best varieties of chrysanthemums and other exotics.

- Work with color. Learn to harmoniously combine colors and shades and understand how to assemble a bouquet of different flowers, taking into account the basic rules of color.

- Accept deliveries. On the actual delivery you will learn the rules of receiving flower deliveries, learn to continue the freshness of cut flowers.

- Get acquainted with the geography of manufacturers. Learn how flowers go before you reach a customer.

- Learn how the wholesale flower base works. Learn the rules of choosing colors and the ability to work with flowers from the "dry" delivery.

Advantages of studying with us:

- On the first day you will receive a set of tools as a gift. You work with him all 5 days and after the course you take with you. You do not need to spend time looking for and buying tools.

- In addition to training 1 day of practice in the store. You will spend with us the most active day, the day of delivery! We will share with you life hacks to determine the quality of the flower and all the nuances of delivery.

- You will receive as a gift a notebook with all the main varieties of flowers that we use in the work and detailed descriptions of their care.

- Work with the best varieties of flowers.

The course lasts 5 days of theory and practice for 5 hours and 1 additional day of practice in the store!

Group up to 6 people :)

The cost of the course is 8200 UAH 

If you are interested in our course, fill out the form below and we will send you a detailed training plan!