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We are open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Night delivery is possible

Questions and answers

In this case we make agree with you the possibility of leaving flowers with the concierge or neighbours.

Or the driver waits at the address for 15 minutes ( if it's impossible to call the recipient ) and then returns to the store with flowers.

Additional delivery is paid separately.

In this situations us driver will try to convince the recipient to take these beautiful bouquet :) or we can deliver your order to any other address.

Return isn't possible in this case.

We make a photo report on each delivery.

We don't publish these photos anywhere , we only send them to the customer :)

All deliveries are anonymous by default.

We give a postcard to each order , which you can always sign , if not required , we will keep all confidential information.

We work with imported flowers. Every week we buy flowers at a Holland auction and only at this moment can we know the estimated cost. The price can change every week and only when we see the price at auction , we can know what price will be at us flower house.
Yes , sure :) We can make bouquets if the flowers will be available. And even better if we order them in two weeks. Then you and we will know for sure that we will have the flowers what you want in the store. We always have something surprise You , but popular positions are disassemble very quickly.
Yes , if they are in Holland. At the beginning of the season the price of a flower can be 2-3 times higher. For example, if in June the price of a flower is 100uah by 1 , then in February\March it can be 3 times higher , this should be taken into account :)
No , because the compositions in the photo are all unique. These are examples of us work. Flowers are a material, it is almost impossible to repeat the same work twice , just as it is difficult to find two identical flowers. Each composition is individual and even with the same composition of flowers , may differ from the example in the photo shade , shape , bud opening or location of the flower.In addition , we reserve the opportunity to be creative and to surprise us clients. The more interesting the composition of the bouquets, the less likely you are to repeat. In this case , we offer to trust our florists and your composition will be filled with soul and the best flowers :)
We are very responsible in the selection flowers and works only with fresh flowers and proven varieties and plantations. We personally check the freshness of all flowers , test the resistance of new varieties. We protect all flowers from weather conditions. We add care instructions and a stabilise agent to each bouquet so that the flowers stay in your home longer. But it's flowers , this is a living material on which no-one will give you a guarantee.Much depends on your care at home.
No, flowers are a goods that can't be returned. But, if the behave badly in the first 12 hours after delivery , we will always resolve the situation and make an exchange. For a resolve the situation write to us or make a call.
Yes , sure :) If you something don't like , we can do a change.
Easy , we will be happy to see You in us flower studio :)
We are working with imported and premium flowers which can't be a cheap. A price for us author's bouquets will be higher than in the market. The price for bouquets is influenced by many factors , from the price for materials to florist salary which corresponds to their professional level. We will not give you old flowers in the bouquet to use them faster.
Yes , sure. Just let know about this before order.
All orders outside the city are executed by prepayment or full payment. If delivery is inside the city , You can make payment by cash.
Every week we mark promotional bouquets on the site. This doesn't mean about poor quality , old flowers or something like that. No , they are beautiful , like all us bouquets , it's about make You happy often :)